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Merger & Acquisition Advisory Services

How Affinitas can Help?

Feasibility Studies

We cover every crucial aspect of emerging market economies. We provide merger and acquisition services by using our core competency and on-the-ground knowledge to benefit our clients. At the same time, our tried-and-trusted methodologies never lose sight of your specific project requirements. Affinitas research routinely evaluates the financial feasibility for a range of projects.

Our professional research expertise has helped clients globally covering a wide variety of industries, including but not limited to:

  • Food & beverage
  • Construction
  • Financial services mergers and acquisitions
  • Legal services
  • Private security
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Fashion
Feasibility Studies

Strategic Planning

Our professional team will take care of all the strategic needs:

  • Portfolio strategy
  • Model assessment
  • Target market screening
  • Structuring of the deal

We can accommodate such diverse needs like setting up restaurants, structuring factories, or establishing re-export facilities. Even the complicated undertaking of relocating a company’s headquarters is a seamless undertaking.

Failed new ventures often trace the failure back to one's inability to match macroeconomic with microeconomic sectoral data. And not accounting for critical demographic and economic project influences. That won't happen when the Affinitas team are on your side. Moreover, we cross-reference operational and capital costs with future growth and pay particular attention to the legal environment in the local market.

Financial Analysis Solutions

We can set up business in the United Arab Emirates both inside of the free zones, as well as outside of the free zones (UAE mainland) depending on client needs. We operate seamlessly with a large number of Free Zones across all pertinent emirates and we are able to make the best suggestions depending on client objectives and budget available. Client retain 100% ownership if business is setup in a Free Zone.

We also set up Limited Liabilities Companies in all Emirates mainland using our trusted network of Emirati nationals we routinely work with. We have worked overtime to ensure all parties are legally protected across all possible business scenarios.

Both Free Zone companies and mainland LLC shareholder are eligible to receive a UAE residency visas for themselves, family members and employees.

Financial Analysis Solutions

Marketing & Distribution channel planning solutions

Remove the worry of fine details that frequently derail the best-planned projects from your mind.

  • We routinely assist in the search-and-selection of potential distributors and business partners,
  • Facilitate pivotal meetings during industry events, and arrange exhibitions, shows, etc.
  • Our expert advice on the drafting of relevant commercial agreements alongside giving valuable insights to clients resonates strongly with your bottom line.

Trade & Logistics Solutions

Many of our clients’ desire to establish a presence in the UAE, GCC region. As a well-known hub and logistics center, the UAE allows them to reach many other markets – MENA, Africa, Asia, and the Indian subcontinent. The international business community recognizes the Jebel Ali port and Dubai airport as the top-rated cargo and passenger handling facilities. Also, the Affinitas team can assist clients with the selection of distribution channels, understanding import/export procedures, advise on customs regulations, and search for warehousing facilities.

Get in touch with us at Affinitas for all your Merger & acquisitions services needs.

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