The importance of Succession/Inheritance Planning

All Family offices aim to centralize their management, to maintain, to grow and to transfer their wealth. The most obvious potential issue for an estate is the succession process. The transition from one generation to the next. This is especially relevant for family businesses in the Middle East. The majority are still in their second or third generation. A high percentage of Middle Eastern family businesses have no succession plan.

In order to put a plan in place for the succession of your family business & wealth, you may choose to use one of several methods such as a buy-sell agreement, an offshore trust or foundation, a private annuity, a family limited partnership, management buy-out or a direct gift or sale.

As a business owner, it is quite likely that a significant portion of your personal wealth is tied up in your business. When there is an unplanned transfer, especially if caused by death, the repercussions of nothing for such an eventuality could be disastrous for your business, it could also be a potential nightmare for your family.

How can we help you?

Affinitas will work closely with you to identify your needs and we will create strategies to help you achieve all your Financial goals. We can help you establish and develop a family office in Dubai or other parts in the UAE, or we can review your current family office structure and make improvements.

Affinitas understands the inherent complexities that come with managing extraordinary wealth. We have vast experience in private equity management, providing tax advisory services across the globe and over multiple jurisdictions and handling inheritance planning to the best possible outcome. Our knowledge of the taxation legislation in every relevant jurisdiction gives you maximum efficiency in preserving your profits.

We provide access to a broad range of tailored and specialized family office solutions, helping you to handle family assets and core holdings. Our experts will make sure the whole process runs smoothly and efficiently as possible

Affinitas will empower you to successfully implement optimal portfolio and targeted-risk strategies. We provide the tools and insight you need to stay ahead of regulatory change, locate liquidity and identify trading opportunities to optimize your portfolio.

We provide a global, multi-jurisdictional service from our offices in Dubai, UAE serving high net worth families and entrepreneurs. Our range of professional services includes succession planning, valuation, expert witness, mediation, family constitutions and advice on setting up a new family office.

To learn more about how Affinitas can assist you for your Family office Dubai. Contact us to discuss your requirements

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