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Affinitas in KSA

Company set up in Saudi Arabia. In April 2024, the Affinitas Team conducted a visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the aim of evaluating the country's progress and engaging with various stakeholders from both the private and public sectors. The country is undergoing major changes sweeping from cultural customs to deep economic reforms across most economic sectors.

Foreigners can now fully own companies in KSA without local partners; however, for optimal project outcomes, we highly recommend that clients consider collaborating with suitable local partners based on their industry. As Saudi Arabia progresses swiftly, we guide clients in adjusting their expectations to align with the local business landscape.

Affinitas GM Anastasia Pakhalkova in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Although real estate projects receive significant media attention, accessibility may be more restricted compared to the United Arab Emirates. Therefore, thorough evaluations of factors like taxation, payment structures, and legal remedies for disputes are crucial.

 Worth noting is that the Saudi government views high-tech startups as strategic to its development and therefore provides subsidies for entrepreneurs establishing operations in the country. To facilitate such ventures, a few incubators have been established. Furthermore, organizations looking to relocate their global headquarters to Saudi Arabia can benefit from a recent government decree offering a 30-year tax exemption.

The Affinitas Team is well-equipped to support and advise clients interested in entering the KSA market, which is rapidly developing in great strides. Our services extend to assisting clients in establishing a presence in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, through either a branch office or a new legal entity.

Saudi Arabia has become more welcoming to foreigners, including Russian-speaking expatriates. Proficiency in Arabic is highly valued and remains essential in KSA compared to the UAE where it is considered advantageous but not mandatory.

Feel free to reach out to our team for a detailed discussions on how your potential business interests could thrive through establishment in Saudi Arabia.

Link to Saudi Vision 2030

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