Private Equity Advisory Service

Private equity management

Mergers, Acquisitions, and Investments in International and Emerging Markets are Cornerstones of Affinitas’ Expertise
The Affinitas team leads in this arena, providing the best possible private equity advice in the UAE and strategies that seamlessly guide you through the complex maze of challenges.

MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS – Bridging the flow of capital and assets between Europe and Emerging Markets

  • Taking full advantage of double taxation treaties
  • Obtaining the dual advantage of local presence and global reach * Effective targeting of suitable ventures for acquisition or partnership
  • Trusting the due diligence at every level
  • A need for strategic introductions in foreign jurisdictions
  • Structuring a win-win deal without losing the competitive edge
  • Transitioning to a smooth operation after closing a deal.


  • Direct routes to the right funding sources
  • Finding safe havens for passive savings with a relatively high return
  • Best option for conservative investors to earn on average 7% per annum on managed accounts

Our steadfast presence in the UAE provides all our M&A clients with unlimited international connections.

Our knowledge of the taxation legislation in every relevant jurisdiction gives you maximum efficiency in preserving your profits. It makes no difference if your targets are in your sights, yet to be discovered, or midway through negotiations, we are the perfect partner to close the deal and beyond. Trust in our abilities to provide the following private equity Advice in the UAE:

Consultancy solutions for vendors

● Confidentially pre-screen targets
● Advise on options in the best interests of stakeholders

Customer advisory solutions

● Find, analyze, & develop candidate firms that meet your unique criteria.
● We typically categorize then pre-qualify by geography, size, and service goals
● Stay by your side through negotiations and merger discussions to close the deal
● Ready-made companies for sale in the UAE – In some instances, we can guide clients into acquiring a company with a working bank account (already an asset).

Deal structuring solutions

● Optimize timing, communication, and substance for the best possible outcome.
● Help structure the expanded business for a win-win closing.

Due Diligence consulting solutions

● Taking both a qualitative and quantitative approach.
● Consider cultural – socio-economic aspects, and the hard numbers.
● Bring our emerging market experience to help new and veteran participants.
● New participants, in particular, benefit from input not ordinarily evident

Integration Planning Solutions

● Preparing for numerous AFTER -DEAL activities to ensure a smooth transition.
● Implement this phase well ahead of the merger or acquisition deal closing
● Advise on establishing aligned stakeholder goals in a transparent manner.

We have valued relationships with banks in many parts of the world. Thus, we can connect commercially and financially viable clients to stellar investment-placing services. The latter are ideally geared to the raising of both debt and equity.

Our network of institutional lenders, capital market platforms, and private equity investors creates the latitude to ideally match funding with the clients’ areas of competency.

We can enhance your corporate finance strategies by leveraging assets and accessing pivotal financial resources to develop infrastructure projects.

Our overview of a large number of jurisdictions creates the opportunity to detect the most favorable investments. These may be:
● Conservative but lucrative managed accounts in USD & EURO starting at 7% annual return
● Investment funds in emerging markets
● Private equity investments in local ventures

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