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  • Trade License or Freelance Permit in the UAE – A Comparison.
    The events of early 2020 have altered many plans for most of us, many lost their jobs, began distance working, “working from home”, “teleworking”, so many variations on the ‘new normal” way to conduct your business and working day. Some of the less fortunate were left jobless, yet where […]
  • Our business setup services in uae
    We can help you set up a business in the United Arab Emirates, the Free Zones or on the UAE mainland depending on our client needs. We can ensure the legal protection of all parties across all possible business scenarios. We also have the option of setting up Limited […]
  • Everything That You Need to Know About Family Office Dubai
    Family wealth can be cultivated through your hardships hardwork or inherited from your successors; either way, when wealth starts growing and has to be divided among generations, the financial needs start evolving. Indeed, managing everyday household expenses and demands of the growing family can be tedious sometimes. That’s when the need for proper […]
  • Tax advice in UAE for Expats
    Tax is a sensitive issue for expats and what they pay depends on the country they are deemed as main residence. The main point to remember is that tax is not a one-size fits all option for expats. Every country has a different approach to income Tax and tax on […]
  • Starting Family Offices in UAE?
    The importance of Succession/Inheritance Planning All Family offices aim to centralize their management, to maintain, to grow and to transfer their wealth. The most obvious potential issue for an estate is the succession process. The transition from one generation to the next. This is especially relevant for family businesses […]
  • The Importance of Having an Offshore Company in Dubai
    An offshore company means a business that is registered outside the residing country of the investors. In other words, foreign investors can incorporate their business as an offshore company in Dubai. Dubai is regarded as a high-profile country for registering new businesses. You will need Dubai offshore company formation […]
  • Merger & Acquisition Advisory Services
    Benefit from Affinitas’ fine-tuned and unique insight into emerging markets to give your commercial projects that competitive edge. How Affinitas can Help? Feasibility Studies We cover every crucial aspect of emerging market economies. We provide merger and acquisition services by using our core competency and on-the-ground knowledge to benefit […]
  • COVID-19, lessons learned, the template NOT to follow: ITALY
    As days pass, we acquire knowledge about the virus and about the way each country copes with it.  With time passing we have more experience to draw from since each country has applied its own set of regulations, at its own pace, with variable results. First of all, let […]
  • Global Market Crash and COVID19
    I am coming back to my blog after a long hiatus pushed by friends to share some thoughts about the current state of affairs. I have a few points to make regarding the Corona Virus – “COVID-19” and I will try to get into enough detail for each of […]
  • Global Commodity Outlook Conference 2020
    Richcomm Global Services hosted it’s 7th edition of this annual event in association with the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre and the Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange at Almas Tower, JLT, Dubai on the 9th February 2020. Affinitas was invited to participate in the only cross commodity forum to discuss disruptions, identify and […]